We have recently entered a competition for a new beach structure at Seaford. This allowed us to creatively look at the town of Seaford, the typology of beach structures and how a building responds to an urban setting.


Our competition entry explored the opportunity to create a high quality cafe and function space for Seaford. The aim is for the building to become a focal point for the area, fostering increased social capital and enhancing the existing unique selling points of Seaford, as both a tourist destination and an asset for community use.

Sitting between two sets of impressive cliffs that form part of the East Sussex Coastal Path, the cafe creates a new destination along the coastal route, while framing the entry point into the town centre.


The building would act as an extension of the esplanade, creating a dynamic alternative path along the beach, in a similar fashion to the martello tower at Seaford Museum. The form prioritises views towards the cliffs at Seven Sisters while enjoying panoramas of the beach leading down to the sea.


The ribbed nature of the structure, using locally sourced timber, evokes the construction of a traditional rowing boat, linking to the past and present as well as creating an interesting play of light for dramatic internal effect. Glass enhances this relationship to ensure that the unique views are optimised and celebrated.

Seaford External Visual

Beach View

Seaford Interior Visual

We eagerly await the results….


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