December 16, 2016

Christmas Party!!!

This year TCA enjoyed a wonderful christmas lunch at Kaspar’s Bar and Grill in the Savoy, followed by some ice-skating in Somerset House and carol signing in St. Martin’s in the Fields.



After enjoying an amazing meal in the Savoy, we ventured excitedly (and a little tipsy) to Somerset House to show off our skating skills on the ice. Some took to it naturally… others were maybe not so graceful. Aside from the numerous wobbles and dents to our pride we left unharmed and full of the joys of life.




Next we made our way to St. Martin’s in the Fields to listen to some carol singing. The beautiful Neoclassical church was a ideal setting for the christmas carols, and we enthusiastically joined in the singing. It was the perfect addition to get us in the christmas spirit.



A great (and slightly late) night was had by all…

P.S. apologies for anyone trying to contact the office while we were out having fun!!!


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