TCA took part in constructing a wonderful Gingerbread City organised by the Museum of Architecture. The event was designed and sponsored by Tibbalds in order to create a playful masterplan formed of quarters such as Unite d’Hobnob, Caramel Wharf, Puddington and Sugar Hill.


Our castle sits proudly on Sugar Hill amongst the designs of over 50 architects such as Arup, Fosters & Partners, Hopkins Architects and Stanton Williams. The exhibition itself hosted over 100 intricate and detailed buildings; from suburban housing to places of warship and an opera house.


TCA wanted to create a modern, solid structure that would provide security for the population of the Sugar Hill inhabitants. Inspired by the architecture of Louis Khan, TCA’s approach was to create a layered structure that would invite the users to look through its intricate openings. The large towers form the core of the castle and function as the headquarters of the Gingerbread King. The smaller towers flank the HQ, wrapping around the core to protect it. The small openings allow for the Ginger Warriors to keep watch for any intruders and keep the King and his empire safe. A number of protective walls and a moat provide further control over who enters or leaves the premises.



The castle’s form is heavily textured by various patterns, which add depth and maintains the castle’s solid presence.


Come and see our castle in person! The exhibition is at 10 Thurloe Pl, South Kensington, SW7 2RZ London, is free to enter and is open until the 22nd December.


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