We have recently received planning permission for the construction of a large family home on Eldon Road in Kensington. This will see the demolition of the existing 1950’s building built on site following the destruction of the property and it’s neighbours during World War II, and the construction of a new family home which has been designed across six storeys and to provide 4500 ft² of floor area for it’s new residents.

OPTION 4.jpg

In order to aid in the preservation of the traditionally Victorian conservation area the new house will be constructed with the Eldon Road elevation to match that of it’s adjoining neighbour which will once again reunite these two house as a pair of villas, as is common in the area and as the site would of stood prior to World War II.

Rear Rendernew.jpg

To the rear of the property large contemporary sliding doors will open up the facade to a terraced garden. This glazing will allow natural light to flood into the new lower ground level which will sit below the main body of the house and accommodate the key living spaces, including an open plan kitchen with an informal family dining space and snug which will sit alongside a dining room with fluted glass screens to allow the space to be reconfigured to provide an enclosed space for formal dining.



Above: Lower Ground Floor main family living spaces.

Below this level, a new basement will provide a gym and guest bedroom  which will open on to a light well at the front of the property, along with utility and storage spaces to service the upper parts of the house.


Above: Existing site photo with 1950’s house set for demolition in the centre.

Running through the the house will be a staircase which will run as a continuous thread thorough the building. Forming a focal point at each level the staircase will expand and contract to suit the requirements of the space at each level. At ground floor this results in a generous curving stair which sits within a grand hallway reception rooms to either side beyond glazed screens which allow the ground floor to be opened up in to a single space when entertaining guests.


Above: First Floor master suite.

Ascending the stair will lead to a master suite set around a large dressing area, at second floor level further bedroom accommodation will be provided and within the roof space formed by the true mansard roof a studio space will be created to take advantage of the wonderful light and space provided at this level.





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