We have  recently achieved planning permission for a side and rear extension to an existing Georgian end-of-terrace house.

247-100 Proposed Ground Floor Plan

The existing 3-storey family house is located within the Norland Conservation Area and built in the 1840’s in a late Georgian style. The house also consists of a single storey adjoining garage, and a rear ground floor extension, built recently under permitted development. The client was seeking to create additional space to accommodate their growing family.

247-210 Proposed Elevations

Our proposal looked to consolidate the different elements of the house and create a seamless, efficient layout. The existing adjoining garage is to be demolished, with a new 3-storey side extension built in its place. To the rear the permitted development extension is to be altered and extended to create a larger, more effective kitchen and playroom layout.


The front elevation facing Queensdale Road is constructed to match the adjoining terrace to enhance the conservation area, while, to the rear the ground floor extension consists of a full width glazing, breaking down the barrier between inside and outside.


Internally the ground floor has been rearranged to create a more open flow from front to back while also providing direct access to the kitchen from the hallway, as would have originally been the layout. The choice of joinery and floor finishes helps to link the different spaces and create a seamless flow throughout.


The glazed screen internally maximises the view from front to back, while making the whole space feel like one. On the upper floors the room layout have been altered to maximise the usable habitable space.


Watch this space!!!


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