What We Do

As a young architectural practice we are keen to keep things interesting and exciting so very much enjoy keeping our portfolio of projects as varied as possible. We are currently working on high spec. residential extensions and refurbishments, as well as a development of luxury apartments and are talking to new clients about a possible new build one-off house and a couple of restaurant fit outs. We have experience working in many different fields and on an array of scales from bespoke joinery and interiors up to stadiums.

Our first stage with every client is to try and understand exactly what their brief is, so we visit the property or site and talk through exactly what they want to achieve. We believe that its your project and its our job to help you deliver that dream and get you to where you want to be, we will hopefully provide some inspiration along the way and open your mind to new ideas.

Our role on every project is different depending on the requirements of the client, so defining what we actually do is quite difficult. As an ideal scenario we prefer to be involved in projects from start to finish so that we can ensure that what we design is actually carried out on site and built correctly, this also allows us to have a better control on costs. We work alongside the client on all aspects of a project from feasibility studies, to concept design and production of detailed working drawing packages to contract administration and over-seeing construction on site.

We believe in a process of design with starts out with a brief, understanding what the client wants to achieve which we develop into concept drawings or outline plans, which are gradually worked up, building up layers of information at each stage, right up to technical construction drawings and information. This means that we can work through every level of detail until we have a full picture of the proposed scheme, which we can then give to a builder or contractor and then work with them on site to realize this.

Increasingly, and more so on smaller projects, clients go direct to builders in the first instance as they think this will save them money. In some ways this can be true however you can’t always be exactly sure of what you’re going to get. if you were going to buy a new sofa for example, you wouldn’t just give the salesman an outline description of roughly what you want, ‘a 3 seater, grey sofa’, as how do you know what you’re going to get?

And you certainly wouldn’t dream of parting with any money or sign a contract until you saw exactly what you were getting. So why would you want to do that with probably one of the most expensive things you will ever invest in? We provide a service to enable you to do just that, working through in as much detail as you require, so that you can be sure of precisely what you are going to get at the end of the day and be safe in the knowledge that you will end up with something unique and perfectly suited to you.


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