Who We Are

We are a young and aspiring architectural practice based in London and this is our blog! A tool for sharing whats happening in our world, our current projects, experiences and also all the things we find inspiring and exciting! We work on a huge range of projects and this is an insight into what we do and what makes us tick but also a resource for finding inspiration and ideas for your own project. But we are also always looking for new work so if you have an exciting project and like what we do please do get in touch!

Find out more @ tiggcollarchitects.com

or Contact us at: info@tiggcollarchitects.com 


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Love what you are doing in battersea! even though I hate the noise on a Saturday morning..I look over to you from the back of my house. The one next to the school

    I live in 24 Batterse and re did the house 18 months ago, would love to see the flats there as I may sell my house as it bigger than I need and look at the flats, if you have any floor plans for the flats ie size and rooms etc,

    Please e mail Katy@katybarker.com

    Great work


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